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I do this to the map over my mirror. Every place I go gets a pin. There's a lot of pinless places :-(

World map, color coded, for places I have been and places I want to go. Flags with dates for places I've been/when?

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L'Hellespont, royaume de Priam Charles-François Frérot d'Abancourt, Carte de l'Hellespont depuis l'entrée du Détroit jusqu'aux Caps Sestos et Abydos. Péra, 1786 Carte manuscrite aquarellée (112 x 91 cm) BnF, Cartes et Plans, Ge SH 18e Pf 98 div 3 p 9/ 1

A map of the world with pins! I want 2, one for my classroom where my kids can put the different places they or their families come from and the other for my house where I can mark the places ive been and want to go!