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How to Make Borax crystals tutorial

How to Make Borax crystals tutorial

Negative Quartz, pretty rare! (you can observe like a footprint of another quartz mineral inside the main mineral: this is why you call it negative) origin: Brazil / Mineral Friends

Azurite & Malachite from the Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia, Africa.

Very unusual sky… Called an ice halo, a larger version of sundogs that form when there are a large amount of ice crystals suspended high in the atmosphere

Greatest Resource Preschool - Science Bottles - We made a bottle each day we went over a color until we had a complete rainbow. Each bottle was filled with something different. Red-water and red glitter; Orange-orange hair gel with orange items suspended in it; Yellow-corn syrup and beads; Green- water and green crystal looking beads and baubles; Blue- baby oil and blue water; Purple - shampoo and purple items. These bottles lasted in the classroom with free access for over two years!

Kalliroscope with heating element stand: visualizing convection currents. Invented and produced by Paul Matisse in the 1970s, suspended microscopic flat crystals reflect light and allow visualization of the fluid's motion. #rheoscopicfluid #rheoscopic #Matisse #convection #kineticart #fluiddynamics #1970 #1970s #Calder #kineticsclupture #kalliroscope #physics #physicstoy #art #psychedelic #lavalamp #science #scienceisawesome

Circumhorizontal Arc. Spotted all over the world. Also at Himalayas in Nepal. For occurence, see this: