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Guided Math in 1st Grade
Écouter la lecture: sites web pour centre d'écoute
A l'origine, les 5 au quotidien sont des ateliers à faire chaque jour. Mais j'ai opté pour une à deux rotation par jour... Il ne s'agit donc pas de 5 au 'quotidien' dans ma classe mais de '5 hebdomadaires'. Dans cette page, je vous présenterai mon organisation:...

5 au quotidien: mon organisation

Math centers can be overwhelming. Use these organization tips and math center ideas to make them a breeze. From choosing the right math games to classroom management. (the 3rd tip is my favorite)

How to Maximize Math Centers

printable math games for grade 1 (found on Mme Bellefeuille's wonderful FI blog)
I Can Math Games are more than just a can! Learn how I put together, organize and use these math games for all grades!  Math centers are now fun and engaging with these math games. Tons of ways to use these! (#3 is a lifesaver!)

How to Use I CAN Math Games in the Classroom

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MATH interactive notebooks! This set of math journal pages has everything you need to keep notes on math concepts ALL year! Check out the blog post for LOTS of pictures

Interactive Math Notebook

Teaching Addition with Popsicle Sticks  -  you could use any two different colored stuff around the house: straws, strips of colored paper, two different kinds of dried pasta/beans, etc.
How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. More math with movement activities for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and beyond. by bernadette