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    With our downloadable templates and easy-to-find materials, you can create a customized ID tag for your pet.
    April 28, 2011

    Shrinky Dink dog tags.

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    Shrinky dink dog tags! awesome gift idea for a new dog or for a housewarming for a friend who just moved and puppy has a new address since this is one of the last things to get the address update.

    DIY Shrinky Dinks dog tags with printable | CherylStyle.com

    custom pet collars

    ID tag is etched into the buckle. Very clever!

    Craft for kitty

    Put an image of your pet on your wall or on a tote with these easy pet-inspired projects.

    Pet ID Tags - I love this!

    true, so true

    I have to do this for our Belinda.. and add a shelf for her ashes.

    This is adorable!!!

    Great DIY kit, fun for parties.

    Gray Eskimo Pet Bed

    Gray Eskimo Pet Bed//

    DIY No sew pet bed. These would be great to make for the kids in the playroom!

    Maybe taller for a cat hang out.

    How to make your own cushions, bumpers and covers for your pets crate! - OMG. I puppy likes her crate nice and dark so I have a sheet over it, this is going to be my next project. Can't wait to try.

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    Cozy Travel Cushion for Pets - Martha Stewart Crafting

    So cute...for a new pet

    DIY Sweater for Pet