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The Heavy Holy Grail of Colt Revolvers- The rare Colt Walker Model 1847 is a 6-shot, single-action revolver weighing in at 4-1/2 lb & measuring a 1-1/2' in length. It was the weighty brainchild of Samuel Colt & Samuel Walker. Walker met with Colt in the 1840s to propose improvements to the Colt Paterson revolver...the result was the Colt Walker. Fewer than 10% of the 1,100 are known to exist today. Due to their rarity, these guns are the Holy Grail of Colt revolver collecting. NRA Museums.

REVOLVER Modèle 1873, manufacture de Saint Etienne, calibre 11mm73

Colt Presentation Model 1862 Police and Pocket Navy Conversion Revolver with a…

1st Texas Infantry | Fantastic Texas Rig. This colt cap and ball revolver was probably purchased before the start of the Civil War.

1860 model Colt Army revolver and matching holster

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COLT M1861 NAVY REVOLVER: On the underside of the barrel are U.S. Navy inspector markings. Similar to the Richards-Mason alteration done after the Civil War for M1860 percussion revolvers, only about 2,200 of these M1861 Navy conversions were done at Colt's Hartford factory.