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French;30th Dragoons, 1804. Upon conversion from 12th Hussars to 30th Dragoons, in 1803, the regiment suffered an initial shortage of Dragoon coats and this dragoon s depicted wearing the dolman of the old regiment, 12th Hussars.

"Quatre Bras: The officers and men of the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot suffer during another attack upon their square by the French light cavalry" Quatre Bras, a crossroads aprox. 7 miles south of Waterloo, was the scene of a fierce battle on June 16th, two days before the Battle of Waterloo.

French; Imperial Guard, Empress Dragoons on escort detail

French; 15th Dragoons, dragoon uniformed for dismounted duty. 1805. At this time, due to a shortage of horses, some Dragoons found theirselves being used as infantry.

Napoleon’s Dragoons of the Imperial Guard

Upon Napoleon's return from exile on Elba, General Lecourbe offered him his services and during the Hundred Days he commanded the Army of the Jura (I Corps of Observation), operating in the Jura against Archduke Ferdinand. With an army of only 8,000 he held the city of Belfort for 15 days against the 40,000 Austrian troops of General Colloredo-Mansfeld, only agreeing a ceasefire on 11 July 1815, a feat which earned him a place of honour in French schoolbooks.

French; 1st Dragoons, Sapper 1806-11 by JOB

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