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1862 M1867 Metalhelme pickelhaube.

A turban type helmet and sipar, turkey, 19th century.

A bronze age cuirass for a woman dated between the 11th and 8th century BC was found at Haute Marne in the Netherlands. Likely ceremonial. Site Officiel du Musée dArchéologie Nationale et du Domaine National de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Recueil de prose et de vers concernant Alexandre, Annibal et Scipion, Hector et Achille, Dagobert, Clovis II et Charles VIII, Philippe le Beau, roi d'Espagne, les comtes de Dammartin. Date d'édition : 1501-1550 Type : manuscrit Langue : Françai

Prussian Army pickelhaube helmet

A selection of rare gothic armour pieces comprising of a collar, a pair of full arm defences and a pair of gauntlets, German circa 1480.

Hussars helmet, Poland, late 17th century, formed of a skull fitted at its front with a separate peak, a sliding nasal-bar fitted at its lower end with a broad face-defence, a long, laminated, medially-ridged neck-defence and laminated cheek-pieces; hammered, shaped, riveted, with fluted, raised, fretted, punched, filed and nicked decoration, with pierced circular ventilations and recessed borders height: 54.5 cm, width: 30.0 cm, depth: 32.5 cm, weight: 3.87 kg. Fitzwilliam Museum.

A visored sallet, German style, circa 1500. Russet steel, broad skull of one piece; rough from the hammer, studded with lining rivets, fitted with neck-guard of three fluted lames, pivoted large visor slightly convex over the front; pierced with slotted breathes and slotted sights all with embossed flanged edges, closed by a spring-catch on the right. H 26.3 cm, L 30 cm, W 24.4 cm, Wt 2.8kg. For survey of the type NORMAN, AVB, Wallace Collection Ca. European Arms and Armour Suppl. 1986 No…

A cuirassier trooper's helmet category: Militaria provenance: Prussia dating: circa 1900