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He dropped to his knees and screamed to the sky, because all was lost. His blood poured. His bones ached. All was lost. The sky grew darker than it had ever been before, threatening to drown the kingdom in rain. All was lost and here he was, shackled and alone in a place where the sun no longer reached. {Sophie Jones}

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With the kingdom lost, you'll never know the cost.

I don't know why you exploded when I entered the room.

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Hôpital. Salle de bain fermée à clef. Couteau suisse. Poignet. Veines. Sang. ✖️

"No!" She dashed over to his fallen body, falling to her knees beside him she gripped the front of his shirt and screamed. "Please no! Come on, get up...please just get up! I can't do this without you..." She sobbed and buried her face against his rain soaked shirt. Shoulders shaking, she clung to him as her world crashed down around her. (B6: Return of Darkness) ~Wendy Hamlet

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