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** EDIT: It's actually possible to apply the Backlight Shader to a primitive cone without caps. But at least now you know a cool way to turn a plane into a cone - I blame the flu medication ** Still super busy but I'm back with another short tutorial (and a touch of the flu. Please excuse my congested voice.) This one was inspired by a student taking my fxphd C4D course who posted a question on the class forum asking how I would create a lampshade light falloff in Cinema 4D. I thought ...

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DuIK Puppet Tool Inverse Kinematics - A Quick Intro

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Découvrir l’UVW mapping. Comprendre les propriétés du Tag de texture, les types de projection et l’outil mapping.

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Cinema 4D tutorial: Random Cloner Texture

In this quick c4d tutorial I am going to show you how to create wood material and then how to randomize texture offset for each clone. Project File: Facebook: Google+: Twitter:

A question from Mumbai. How can you create a milky material. 15 minutes is of course hardly enough to get into fine detail, but in this tutorial I will show the basic principles of transparency, refraction and the Sub Surface Scattering shader.

This one is for all of you After Effects CC & Cinema 4D Lite users! In this tutorial, I'll reboot my previous tutorial on how I used Sketch and Toon to create line art in C4D ( But this time I created an alternate method just for those of you out there who don't own a full version of Cinema 4D and just have the Lite version that comes for free with After Effects CC and CC 2014. I'll walk you…

In this tutorial, I'll be covering a cool way to create an elevation map using, you guessed it, Cinema 4D! I'll show you how to easily add contour lines to geometry using Sketch and Toon. I'll also go over some other really useful concepts like how to create and apply 3D gradients to an object, how to apply a Sketch and Toon material to an object and some of the basics of Sketch and Toon, and how to then animate Sketch and Toon lines so that they draw on. And I'll cap the tutorial off by…

C4D Cafe (3D Kiwi) - BodyPaint tutorial Chapter 4 Ivy Grower is a FREE plugin for C4D and here is some tips on how you can use it in order to create realistic looking "climbing plant" simulation.