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All but Hendrik arrested and sent to concentration camps. One, Dirk Boonstra, died at Dachau. Hendrik escaped Nazis 2 days before they were supposed to fulfill command to arrest Jews and gone into hiding.Nazis unable to find him.He went to Meppel and found Dutch Resistance’s local underground cell.Became member and participated in armed resistance,theft of food coupons,and blank ID cards.Hendrick also hid Jewish families and moved them under cover of darkness from one hiding place to…

Leonard Freed, Remains of World War II on the West Side of the Berlin Wall, West Berlin. 1961. © Leonard Freed/Magnum Photos

Le style Mitterrand

On 14 June 1940, sergeant François Mitterrand was wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans. After a year and a half he finally managed to escape. He would become President of France, from 1981 to 1995.

Map of the Italian Campaing. Attavila is near Salerno. Photo credit.

Izis, Paris des rêves

Plantation de la forêt des Martyrs à Israël, en 1953.

Authentic French Resistance Medal & Ribbon 1945

Authentic French Resistance Medal Ribbon 1945, FLIPPING AWESOME!

Crossroads Able, a 23-kiloton air-deployed nuclear weapon detonated on July 1, 1946. This bomb used the infamous Demon core that took the lives of two scientists in two separate criticality accidents. [Via]

The Only Marine to Earn a Medal of Honor for Actions as a POW, Donald Cook Was Truly Unbreakable in the Face of the Enemy

The Nokmim, also referred to as The Avengers or the Jewish Avengers, were groups of Jewish assassins that targeted Nazi war criminals with the aim of avenging the Holocaust.[1] The groups of Jews – some veterans of the Jewish brigade, and some veterans of the Partisans − were organized after World War II ended. The name refers to Nakam (Dam Yehudi Nakam–"Jewish Blood Will Be Avenged"), a Jewish organization founded by Abba Kovner in 1945