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rra-art: Last digital drawing of 2015! Thanks for all the likes, reblogs and follows. Have a Happy New Year! Stay safe, n’ CELEBRATE!

Mary Jane Watson is more of a pump girl than a baby doll. In light of Gwen Stacy's tragic end, she's putting her foot in the door.

n The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we will see Andrew Garfield returning as Spidey/Peter Parker with Emma Stone, once again, as Gwen Stacy. Despite promising her father he’ll stay away from her, the sequel will see him doing just the opposite. Juggling the life of a superhero and a student becomes even more difficult when Jamie Foxx turns up as Electro.

Kirsten Dunst & Tobey Maguire in "Spider-Man 3"

What's good IG and it's my favorite day of the week Women Crush Wednesday. I'm your man @Locdog31 aka Big Suge Knight here to bring you the lovely ladies of the fictional world. Let's kick this off with Mary Jane Watson sending a little Venom warning to her rival Black Cat to stay away from Peter #lovetriangle #wellthatescalatedquickly #WCW #venom #spiderman #maryjanewatson #feleciahardy

I'm not an artist, so don't judge me; but just for fun, I made this '60s inspired MJ fanart ❤️✏️ What you can't see is that she has green eyes and she's wearing her white Spidey top Hope you like it though, thank you for following, Webheads! Stay with us for everything Mary Jane! ❤️ xo #MaryJaneWatson #Spiderman #Spidey #MJ - watson.maryjane

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Spider-Man & Mary Jane wedding artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz.