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Plan/elevation by James Sibree of a tronokotona house type. Sibree's plan is labeled according to the 12 major periods of vintana. From James Sibree, A Naturalist in Madagascar, 1915 -"Earth, Sky Ancestors" by Randall Bird, p. 174 in "African Cosmos: Stellar Arts: African Cultural Astronomy from Antiquity to the Present" ed. by Christine Mullen Kreamer

Ranavalona, ex-reine de Madagascar, en Algérie (cachet de 1902)

CPA Ethnic Ethnologique Afrique Noire Madagascar Écrite | eBay - Sakalava woman, early C20th

Madagascar, Baobab trees Baobab trees only have leaves about 2-3 months out of the year, the rest of the time they store water inside their trunk. These beautiful African trees live for hundreds of years.

poteau funéraire aloalo madagascar.jpg

Madagascar The mpanandro is consulted at every important event (wedding, funeral, or famadihana the exhumation, laying of the foundation stone of a building, etc ..) The mpisikidy is a specialist in geomancy, divination technique from figures drawn on the sand. The ombiasa has more powers: the Guardian ritual and religious knowledge.

Africa | Tanosy warrior from Madagascar || Scanned old postcard