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Gerber Shard Review : A Low-Cost and Effective Addition to Your EDC Kit

Qui n’aime pas la pizza ? Et quoi de mieux que de pouvoir partager de bons moments avec la famille autour d’un four au feu de bois ?

This unique hiking stick combines the old and new. The lightweight adjustable height hiking pole is equipped with a hardwood stick handle that is wrapped with over 20 of paracord that can be quickly accessed by pulling the leather tab. An additional 5-7 of paracord secures a carabiner for hanging gear on your Survival Hiking Stick 2.0 or hanging the hiking stick itself on a pack or wherever. A removable rubber foot covers a carbide tip for traction on slippery terrian. A 300 lumen focusing…

One of the key skills to surviving in the wilderness is to ensure that you never come into contact with predators. The less you must face a predator, the better your chances of survival. In addition to keeping a vigilant watch out, you should also learn how to move through any environment as silently as possible. Here are some tips for learning to walk without raising any alarms. First, be sure that you control your breathing evenly. Holding your breath will only result in an eventual…

Black Camping Survival Axe Hatchet Tomahawk with Paracord Wrapped Handle and Nylon Belt Sheath >>> Want additional info? Click on the image.

Survival Hiking Boot Laces - Wilderness Survival Emergency Fire Starter - 550 Paracord Laces with Ferro Rod Tips and Serrated Steel Striker Tools - Black or Brown -- Want additional info? Click on the image.

Biohazard and Sanitizing Clean-Up Kit includes Biohazard Super Absorbent Compound, Antimicrobial Wipes, Scrapers, Gloves, Infectious Waste Bag, Zip-ties, with use instructions. Hazardous waste disposal kit is an essential addition to any school or workplace emergency kit.

Crocosmia Lucifer, a.k.a. Coppertips or Falling Stars. I have lots of this that the hummingbirds love!!!

Know Whether to Play Dead or Fight Back | How To Survive A Bear Attack

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