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Explorez Pinces Oiseau, Thé De et plus encore !

Piques oiseaux apéro et pinces oiseau à thé de Koziol © Cookismo

DIY: Kitchen Fork Hooks

Fork hook tutorial

Sponge Holder: Inspiration only, no directions. I think I could figure out how to make this!

How to Heat & Bend Silverware Into Jewelry

Turn an old fork into unique silverware jewelry ! This would be a neat gift for a person who loves to cook!

Old forks turned into charm necklaces...with vintage keys and baubles

How To Stamp Spoons

How to Stamp Metal Spoons sayings: stir things up; stir crazy; OCD obsessive coffee disorder; beau TEA ful; you're my cup of tea; cereal killer; baby it's cold outside; kamu; enjoy your tea & think of me; I laugh at decaf; tall, dark & sweet; me + coffee= (heart shape); me+u=a perfect brew; deja brew; stir things up; let's spoon; I love you a latte

Octopus Herz Silber Schmuck Gabel Art Anhänger--Kostenloser Versand

Octopus Herz Silber Schmuck Gabel Art von BenakSilverWear auf Etsy, €16.00

How to Make a Fork Hook

Twist like this. Good detail on how to make a hook from old silverware.

How to Make a Fork Hook

Repeat steps 10-17 for the last tine.