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[Fish Shows, an Apsaroke Indian, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, pompadour, temple braids painted white, 2 eagle feathers, disk earring, shell beads with large disk ornaments, beaded buckskin shirt] | Library of Congress
Nous sommes scénariste de notre vie
Idées coiffures cheveux crépus
Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian
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Edward S. Curtis spent more than 20 years documenting over 80 tribes across North America.

An expansive photo record of Native American life in the early 1900s

Potawatomi [people of the place of the fire, keepers of the sacred fire]: Another tribe of the Algonquian linguistic family, this tribe originally united with the Ottawa and the Ojibwe. Known primarily as hunter-farmers, the Potawatomi were driven by the Sioux southeast from Wisconsin, migrating as far as Indiana before the white settlers drove them west. There were large Potawatomi settlements in southwest Michigan (Niles), Detroit and Wisconsin
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