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St Paul's Cathedral as it was before the Great Fire of London 1666

Vic Lee illustrator from London. Also a judge for this year's D&AD competition.

The old St Paul's cathedral before the Great Fire Of London

Jonathan Glancey: Turn again, Boris Johnson - your bridge plan is all wrong

London Bridge bridge is falling down, down Falling down down, falling down, down London Bridge bridge is falling down, down My fair lady. Take a key key and lock padlock her up, Lock padlock her up, lock padlock her up, Take a key key and lock padlock her up, My fair lady. This nursery rhyme refers to the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. Boleyn was accused of adultery and incest and was ultimately executed for treason.

"Greenwich Hospital from the North Bank of the Thames" by Canaletto, c. 1752, National Maritime Museum

Remains of the ancient library at Alexandria, lost in a fire with its 100,000 books. Originally built between the years of 331 and 332.

This image of the old London Bridge shows why it was so common for the Thames to freeze over.

Elizabethan Theaters, flying flags to signal that a Play is in progress-- The Rose (1587), Swan (1595), Globe (1599) and Hope (1614) were all built on London’s Southbank. Although the Globe is probably the most well-known due to its modern replication, the Rose is the most important archaeologically as it provided the first full plan of a London Tudor playhouse.

An Elizabethan house on Grub Street, London