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Figure 10. Pabasa with pet dog Hekenu, Asasif. Twenty Fifth Dynasty. Photograph by P. Gorgori

Relief fragment with two young dogs, ca. 2400-2323 B.C. Egyptian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1909 (09.180.134)

Nebsen, a scribe in the royal treasury, and the woman is Nebet-ta, a singer in the temple of the goddess Isis. 18th Dynasty, early in the reign of Amenhotep III

Another view of the mechanical dog, ca. 1390–1353 B.C., Egypt.

Cairo. Tombs of the Khalifs - A. D. White Architectural Photographs, Cornell University Library

The "great craftsman in the place-of-truth" Kery was one of the artists who decorated the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Here, he carries a standard crowned with the head of a falcon, presumably an image of “Horus, son of Isis . . . Lord of the desert,” who is addressed on the staff. In an inscription on the base, Kery wishes for “a good life combined with health, gladness, and rejoicing every day, my two eyes seeing, my two ears hearing, my mouth filled with truth.”

Cairo. Egyptian Home (Interior). Taken 1800s

Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Sudan

Sarcophagus of the Hathor Priestess Henhenet | Middle Kingdom | The Met

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