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Now time to paint it :$

This is part one is this any good? I painted a folder now im gonna water paint this and see if it's good if it is I will repaint it on the folder

LOOK UP THIS FROG CUTEST FROG EVER makes a such cute omg sound <3 I am in love

.... My note book XD I didn't wanna call it diary or world okay?! so werid lmao

I did it I think it turned out quite well :D

This is the folder I was talking about well I will take a picture of the guitar when it's finished let me know if it's any good ^_^

I used a quote I saw on t.v. Oh and I painted over the guitar .. XD so I looks new lmao ~life is tough but.. It's tougher when your stupid I couldn't get the lighting right but I can take another picture later :D

The first ever water color painting I did Guess what my mom said Me-rate this honestly 1-10 oh and it's a shadow painting so only color is used with different shades Mom-i rate it a 8 because I would want more color. Me-facepalm... I still remember that conversation XD

The little DUM things i do spend time on when there is no wifi.. -_-