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The human soul is a profound and awe-inspiring mystery, the depths of which are only now beginning to be sounded.

Ink and Water | Photographing Ink and Water by Natalie Lines

Controlled Burns par Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley est un photographe américain, surtout connu pour ses clichés et ses films de paysages plongés dans la nuit.

Maravillosas turbulencias de Mark Laita

turbulencias de Mark Laita

Heavy Metals : les nouveaux clichés d'Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso

svartna: ekkolalia: hexentexte: amare-habeo: Unica Zürn - Dark Spring: Untitled, 1966 (ink on paper)

abstract ink in water Reference to research involving PET. Also reminds me of blood. Blood, psychopath.

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Stay wi’ me, Genevieve... I hear Brennus’ deep voice whisper in my mind before it fades away and is gone. The darkness between my heart and my soul swells, pushing them further apart, making room for Brennus. I’m the light to his darkness. There’s no escape; he’s a part of me.