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Never tolerate abuse! If you wouldn't have someone as your friend because of how they treat you, then why allow someone to have the privilege of being called "family." Family takes care of each other. There is no backstabbing or starting rumors, turning family members against one another. That is NOT what family is about.

Is that why she always screamed "you're so Fucking Stupid!", at me??

So thankful I'm finally taking the reins. My idea of loyalty doesn't fit in this fallen world.

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you are in charge of your own life #life #quote #live

Very true. My past step mom and many of my friends complete my small family for me.

Je ne voulais pas refaire encore une fois la même erreur. Celle de t'avoir dans ma vie plus longtemps. Une chose que je n'aurai jamais voulu penser. Mais désormais cette réalité est nécessaire à mon bonheur. Aurevoir.

They pretend to be friends with anyone who serves a purpose in their game of life.