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Æthelstan (vers 895 – 27 octobre 939) - Maison de Wessex (927-1013) - Fils d'Édouard l'Ancien. Sacré le 4 septembre 925 à Kingston upon Thames. Premier roi du Wessex à prendre le titre de « roi des Anglais » (rex Anglorum) après la conquête de la Northumbrie en 927.

Isabeau de Bavière | : Isabeau de Bavière, reine de France, vers 1400, statue de Guy de ...

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Liturgical Pale pink silk embroidered with gold and silver son, probably by Queen Marie Antoinette (1755-1793)

Chlothar II Merovingian, King of Franks Son of Chilperic I.- CLOTAIRE II. 2)BIOGRAPHIE. 2.5 LES RELATIONS AVEC AUSTRASIE ET BOURGOGNE (592-613). 2.5.4: GUERRE ENTRE CLOTAIRE ET L'UNION AUSTRASIE-BOURGOGNE (613), 4: Brunehaut subit un châtiment extrêmement dur: suppliciée 3 jours, puis exécutée en étant attachée à l'arrière d'un cheval indompté.

Amiel - Louis II dit le Bègue né le 1er novembre 846, mort le 11 avril 879 à…

14. Edmund II (Ironside) 1016 House of Wessex. Son of Aethelred II. Proclaimed as king by the English rather than accepting Canute. Treaty of Alney divided the kingdom with Canute until one of them died. Edmund was assassinated while in his privy, with the weapon left stuck in him, shortly afterward and the kingdom reverted to Canute. His sons were sent to Europe by Canute for safekeeping.

Philip VI of France - Little is recorded about Philip's childhood and youth, in large part because he was not of royal birth. Philip's father Charles, Count of Valois, the younger brother of King Philip IV of France,[1] had striven throughout his life to gain a throne for himself, but was never successful. He died in 1325, leaving his eldest son Philip as heir to the counties of Anjou, Maine, and Valois.