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Borneo - Dayak carved hornbill earrings. The top part of the hornbill beaks has been carved with an anthropomorphic figure, while the inner (or the back) part of the beaks has been incised with stylized "aso" or dog motifs. The red sides of the beaks use similar "aso" motifs with openwork designs.
Calavera Brass Ear Weights Hangers

Calavera Brass Ear Weights Hangers

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Indonesia ~ Borneo |  Ornament from the Dayak people | Carved hornbill
Limited Solid brass T-Wrecks weights
Indonesian (Borneo Island, Kalimantan provinces) or Malaysian (Borneo Island, Sarawak State) | Ear ornament from the Kenyah or Kayan people | Carved hornbill | 1910 - 1940 | ©Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
Dayak peoples, Borneo, prob. mid 20. C. -  Hornbill Earrings - Pair of earrings carved from casques of the helmeted hornbill. Hornbill “ivory” or Anggang gading most often show a warm-white to yellow/orange in the center of the casques while the sides are deep red.
Borneo -  Dayak ear ring. Carved from hornbill about 4 inches long.