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Photographer/Creator Albert Moldvay Collection 1956 Publisher Denver Post Caption/Description Picture shows game action of ice hockey between Yale and Denver.

Photographer/Creator Albert Moldvay Collection 1953 Publisher Denver Post Caption/Description Man who has fallen in front of a rearing horse. Second man is trying to help control the horse.

Photographer/Creator Michael Conversa Collection 1953 Publisher San Jose Mercury Caption/Description Night picture of someone skiing.

Photographer/Creator Lisa Larsen Collection 1952 Publisher LIFE Caption/Description Series of pictures about a kayak ride.

Photographer/Creator John Zimmerman Collection 1970 Publisher Sports Illustrated Caption/Description Photographs of Bobby Orr during and after an ice hockey game.

Photo Title Around End Photographer/Creator Edward C. Nold Collection 1948 Publisher Detroit Times Caption/Description This splended action picture was taken during a game between Michigan and Illinois. The ball carrier skirted left end, but was brought down on the three-yard line.

Photographer/Creator John Dominis Collection 1952 Publisher LIFE Caption/Description Spectators watching golfer on the green. Golfer not in picture.

Photo Title Court Cameo Photographer/Creator Hugh Broderick Collection 1947 Publisher International News Pictures Caption/Description Betty Hilton of the British team has her face framed in Doris Hart's racquet during the Wightman cup matches.

Photographer/Creator G. M. Bist Collection 1953 Publisher Munro Press Caption/Description Olympic Team Swimimer Atholl Still and Olympic prospect Billy Good keep in training at their school pond in Aberdeen. Picture of both boys getting ready to dive into the water.

Photo Title Wasted Effort Photographer/Creator Edward Feeney Collection 1948 Publisher Chicago Tribune Caption/Description Emile Francis, Chicago Blackhawk goalie, leaves the ice in an attempt to block a shot at the net. The puck sails harmlessly over Francis' head.