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Photo Blocks using Rit Dye

Dye your wood! Why didn't I think of that? So can have any color you want! Love this project...but just imagine the possibilities!

Now this is something beyond my comprehension, this is so elegant and adorable that I am literally running short of words to describe this wooden pallet beauty. We have used some driftwood pieces as well in making this wooden pallet wall shelf which carries all the decorative stuff.

Régénéré décor bois lune Sculpture mariage sculpture de tranche Repurposed de bois recyclé arbre tranche forme abstraite forme libre

Fait à la sculpture de tranche ordre lune par WildSliceDesigns

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 30 Pics

Heart Waffle Iron

Wooden picture: an easy, beautiful alternative to putting your pictures in a frame! All you need are FOUR things to make this.If the instructions are hard to read, click on the picture for the easy-to-follow video:

Porte manteau mural DIY en 18 exemples vintage

A cute project to do, take a walk and find the wood first and then make it in to a rack!

My Mom was forever scolding me as a child for all the rocks I'd always have in my pockets... Maybe this is something I could do with all the rocks I'm tempted to pick up, but don't anymore (mostly because I don't like holey pockets) flowers made of wood and rocks - garden craft

How to Transfer Vintage Wallpaper, Pictures and Almost Anything on Wood

How to Transfer Vintage Wallpaper, Pictures and Almost Anything on Wood DIY Pallet Ideas Home Decorations Pallet Projects

coffre à jouet by L'art de la caisse 2 caisses + corde + charnière = un joli coffre à jeux