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TANK DESTROYERS moving through the destroyed town of Magdeburg. Scenes such as this were found in many German cities by the advancing Allied forces. Most of the buildings were reduced to rubble by aerial attacks and artillery shelling, and many streets had to be cleared before the troops and vehicles could pass.

Un tigre allemand tank crew de la Schwere Panzer Kompanie « Hummel » près de Geilenkirchen, 1944.

21 April 1944 - An Allied air raid on Paris kills a large number of civilians.

German Marder II self-propelled guns driving through a town in Ukraine, mid-1943. The Marder was a capable gun but suffered from a high profile and an open gun firing compartment leaving the crew exposed to mortars, hand grenades, and other indirect fires.

Two anti-tank Infantrymen of the 101st Infantry Regiment, dash past a blazing German gasoline trailer in square of Kronach, Germany. April 14, 1945.

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LIFE in WWII: Rare and Classic Photos From North Africa, 1943

American soldiers (L-R) Thurman Rector, Leon Jeannotte & Chelsea Bates taking cover in a trench during the fighting in and around El Guettar, Tunisia, 1943.

Berlin, 1945: Personnel of the Canadian Berlin Battalion sitting on a dug-in German tank, Berlin, Germany, 14 July 1945. (L-R): Pte. M. Melancon, Pte. R. Gauthier, Pte. J. Allaire, Pte. M. Renaud.

Army near Lunebach, Germany, after the Battle of the Bulge. A Dodge WC54 Ambulance is trying to get trough the battlefield ~

Dessau - Germany - avril 1945 © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum