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FICUS Benghalensis "Indian Banyan tree" 25 Seeds by Seeds and Things. $4.59. Good Bonsai Plant. 25 Seeds. Zones 9-11. A large tropical fig tree to 100 . Develops broad ovate, leathery leaves which have handsome lateral red veining. Numerous aerial roots surround its cental trunk as the tree matures. Desirable indoor ornamental - can be pruned to desired size. The seeds are very small and must be sown on the soil surface. Broadcast the small seeds onto the surface of well drain...

Ficus bonsai mame #bonsai #mame #ficus

25 Seeds, Tomato "Red Zebra" (Solanum lycopersicum) Seeds by Seed Needs by Seed Needs: Vegetables. $1.65. Quality Tomato seeds packaged by "Seed Needs". Easy planting instructions along with a colorful picture printed on each "Seed Needs" packet!. Start indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Harvest after about 75 to 80 days. Provide an area of full sunlight. A natural cross between Tom Wagner's Green Zebra and an unknown parent. Gorgeous 2½" round fruits ar...

Ficus salicaria clump 8-17-11

An Indoor Muscular Bonsai Tree

An Indoor Muscular Bonsai Tree for Him by Bonsai4Life on Etsy, $54.00

Tiger bark ficus bonsai

Ficus Nerifolia by bonsailearningcenter: Excellent bonsai material, here is a guide to care and cultivation. #Ficus_Nerifolia, #Willow_Leaf_Fig #Bonsai_Guide

Ficus Micro-carpa Bonsai Tree by LiveBonsaiTree by LiveBonsaiTree

Hornbeam Bonsai, Twin-trunk style (Sokan).

Rotary Sunrise Rose Bush Flower Seeds by Treasures By Lee. $3.25. Each purchase comes with easy planting/growing instructions. Zones: 3-9. Harvested this fall. Seeds are fresh and will keep up to 2 years. Seeds can be started indoors or outside. This pack comes with 5 seeds harvested this fall. Instructions included.. Save 46%!