This Irish wedding dancer would give Michael Flatley a run for his money (VIDEO) -

Irish Step dancing. Wicklow 1901

▶ Story by Hughie Murphy, Irish story teller. Dunleer Scoraiocht lann Leire, Co Louth. - YouTube

Reconstructed Mesolithic huts

Irish dancing competition in the Phoenix Park in Dublin in 1929

My Irish heratige!! I hope some of my grandchildren will want to learn this! It's awesome!

Irish kitchen

'Latchet' dress fastener. Irish, 6th-7th century AD. From Castle Island, County Offaly, Ireland. This object was found in 1850. It consists of a large disc attached to a Z-shaped section, which forms 2 open slots, & terminates in a hook and smaller disc. Such pieces, incorrectly called 'latchets', were a form of dress fastener attached by coils of wire in the slots between the discs. They are only found in Ireland & remained popular only until the 7th century. They may have been worn in…

Via Rare Irish Stuff: Brendan Behan & Peig Sayers c.1955 — with Michael Murphy.

10 Guinnes Facts... just walk up to the bar and hold your forefinger in the air, any barman worth his salt would know that you were asking for a pint of Guinnes...

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