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Irish Uilleann Bagpipe Practice Set

Irish Uilleann Bagpipe Practice Set

Irish Uilleann Bagpipe Practice Set

Uilleann Bagpipes Also called "Irish Pipes" or "Union Pipes"

Irish bagpipe. The uilleann pipes are the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland. Their current name, earlier known in English as "union pipes", is a part translation of the Irish-language term píobaí uilleann (literally, "pipes of the elbow"), from their method of inflation. The uilleann pipes have a different harmonic structure, sounding sweeter and quieter than many other bagpipes.

The traditional Irish Uilleann Pipes...or elbow pipes...differ from the more familiar Scottish...Great Highland...bagpipes in a number of ways....

Uilleann Pipes. My favorite kind of bagpipes. Also played in Riverdance by Cillian Vallely, who plays traditional Irish.

irish uilleann pipes. My personal favorite. So haunting and gentle.

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Ireland 1980 Traditional Music and Dance SG 467 Fine Used

Ireland 1980 Traditional Music and Dance, Scott 481. The musician is playing the uilleann pipes, a form of bagpipe that is kept inflated with air, but by using a sort of bellows attached to one arm instead of blowing through a mouthpiece.