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littlestsecret: kaciart: Aly suggested shirtless Durins. And I was only too happy to comply. *u* Absolutely lovely!

Gimli, Lord of the Rings Watercolor Art Print

Gimli, Lord of the Rings

Les paresseux!

"Kili! Oh no.... What have they done to you?!" -Fili<- I really want to believe that he was caught by orcs or something, not his own kind (my imagination runs dark sometimes).

The watcher in the water. that was some freaky real crap right there. thought i was gonna jump out of my skin.

illustration | be you not them - via


My soul has bee ripped out. Please come back later. I'll be re-reading The Hobbit and eating chocolate.

:'( AWWWWW poor Kili! we love you more than any of those silly dwarves. And which one of you all is to be King of Erebor? Just think when your king you can hunt those slobery mangy stupid poachers from dawn until dusk.

Fili jerking off alone in their room, maybe he’s on Kili’s bed. And outside the door, Kili is listening in shock and probably more than a little turned on Imagine Kili was returning from archery practice or something, and he stumbled onto that and was going to leave but then– well FEELINGS AND THEN Fili moans, “Ah – *Kili*…”