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Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport
There are many benefits to hiring a car when on holiday. It gives you the ability to set your own schedule and explore areas that are not serviced by public transport. Morocco is certainly a destin...
Good guide for traveling by train in Morocco.

Train Travel in Morocco

Fez, Morocco, medina (Credit: Simon Griffee)Old-school transport*"Balak, balak,"* the donkey drivers shout to clear the way as the animals carry goods in and out of the medina. Cars are not allowed into Fez's old city and couldn't fit through the streets if they tried; residents make do with getting around on foot. In Bowles' 1955 novel The Spider's House, set in Fez, he wrote that being without cars means that adhering to a schedule is impossible. After all, when you are on foot, unexpected…

The stories – and secrets – of Fez