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Dendrobates tinctorius

5/19 ~ Mia is so happy with her new closet, thanks to you all! Today we're going down to the creek looking for frogs. My brother told me to find some good jumpers, but I get a little sidetracked by all the pretty colored ones. Let's go see what we can find! ~Dawn~

Dendrobates tinctorius also known by the common name Dyeing Dart Frog, is a species of Poison dart frog. It is the third largest species, reaching lengths of 5cm . This species is distributed throughout the eastern portion of the Guiana Shield, including parts of Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, and nearly all of French Guiana. Like most species of the genus Dendrobates, D. tinctorius is a mildly toxic species of poison dart frog.

Dendrobates Auratus . Blue & Black : Locality : Found in the rainforest of Panama near Provincia Chiriqui .

ranitomeya fantastica cainarachi

The Panamanian Golden Frog, Atelopus Zeteki, is a critically endangered toad which is endemic to Panama.

The strawberry poison frog or strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pumilio or Dendrobates pumilio). The frogs, like most Poison dart frogs, are harmless when not fed ants or beetles, resulting in pumilio becoming a rather popular exotic pet. Though brightly colored and toxic, these frogs are relatively small, growing to approximately 17.5–22 mm in standard length.

Ranitomeya vanzolinii

ranitomeya fantastica cainarachi

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Powder Blue'