Alice of Alice in Wonderland on @deviantART

The Mad Hatter by ~fayrenpickpocket....I love the mad hatter, by far my favorite character in Alice in Wonderland

Lower torso area and legs for manga characters- This is a great reference pic when I need a little help with my drawings, after all I am still a beginner :)

La Reine des Neiges: Elsa au Masculin

I'm late! I'm late! -"Time is nothing. What you do with time is everything." ~ Anthony Douglas Williams ~ Inside the Divine Pattern

Yes, Loved the books of my youth.......symbolism, wild mental images etc.....White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

Alixe au pays des merveilles

Fairy Tales

ALICE LIDDELL THE KNIGHT by ~heavenhellexe on deviantART

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