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Woman at a Dresser- Christopher Pratt- 1964-

Edythe Goodridge, seen in 1977, emphasized the complex, necessary place of artists in society. (Memorial University of Newfoundland Collection)

Night on the River - Christopher Pratt

plume de poule: MARCEL DZAMA- internationally sellable. co founders of royal art lodge. founded in 1996... half dozen artists involved collaboratively. sit around table with people and respond spontaneously to artist's work on page. date stamped. "after work seemed to be complete, put into pile, either good okay or bad, bad were never shown..."

Christopher Pratt 1965 oil on masonite Young Girl with Seashells

Salt Shed Interior - Christopher Pratt

george reid forbidden fruit 1889- built the sets so that the model could be in it- draw directly from life. very contrary to paul peel. not sentimental. immediate. very much a narrative. it's like we've stumbled into an intimate moment (isn't that similar to peel?). more naturalistic.

The Island - Christopher Pratt

  "Ce qui entend le plus de bêtises dans le monde est peut-être un tableau de musée." Jules & Edmond de Goncourt  

Night Road by Christopher Pratt. 1988

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