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98: Yakama Beaded Flat Bag Decorated with Stylized Camu : Lot 98

Fully Contured Plateau Beaded Bag featuring Calla Lily design

L.17" : W. 10" This is an unusual Plateau contour bag. The central design is clearly a calla lily plant with arrow shaped leaves in a vase. Most commonly on contour bags with a floral motif, the flowe

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A PLATEAU BEADED HIDE FLAT BAG, contour beaded in various shades of opaque and translucent glass seed beads, decorated on the front with a bold floral/foliate spray, backed with black wool and lined with printed cotton cloth,, hide handles, with old tag attached, inscribed Mae Olney, Oregon girl, Grad about 1936

native american bandolier bag


antique plateau beaded bag

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Historical beaded pawnee flat bag

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