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"The Cobra" was an experimental diving unit that was intended for military use as a "Fully Close Circuit Rebreather" using "100% Pure Oxygen". And as a "Semi Close Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreather" using gas mixture called "Nitrox B" 60% oxygen & 40% nitrogen, "Nitrox C" 40% oxygen & 60% nitrogen, "Nitrox D" 32.5 oxygen & 67.5% nitrogen. "Heliox" Oxygen & Helium & "Trimix" Oxygen, Helium & Nitrogen.

Quelques vidéos de nos escapades. Nous organisons toute l'année des formations et des voyages avec les recycleurs CCR Submatix.

Rebreather SF2

Jill Heinerth, whose first job was a newspaper route in her home town of Toronto, Canada, is today a pioneer technical diver and instructor, a renowned explorer of underwater caves who owns a record for the deepest and longest cave dive, and a record for the longest dive into an Antarctic iceberg. Read the interview;

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Five Tips for Handling Underwater Scuba Diving Emergencies

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Cave Diving and Technical Diving Adventures

Divers Helmet Mark V Aluminum

Technical Rebreather- bubble free diving, warm air, and constant oxygen % control- LOVE!