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Hugging manatees in Belize

Manatee + Turtle Facebook: Anna Maria Island Beach Life www.annamariaislandhomerental.com



Travel Companions posted by saif eddine

I heart mantees i used to cry when i was a kid when i heard that they were getting trapped in nets

"The endangered dugong is the only southern African sea cow. This ancient order (Sirenia) is distantly related to elephants and also includes the West African and tropical American manatees. Dugongs are slow-moving, entirely aquatic creatures of sheltered tropical waters, where they graze seagrass beds with the rising tide." www.bradtguides.com

Meet Einstein, the world's smallest horse who weighs less than a newborn baby. OMG.

Comment je me suis fait un ami pour toute la Vie.

Happy Feet!

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