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80 Must-Have Bike Accessories

80 Must-Have Bike Accessories - From Cycling Booze Chambers to Pedal-Powered Chargers

Copper Water Bottle

Cobre //

sand filled plastic bottles

DIY Toothbrush Holder (Ohoh Blog)

You could screw tacky plastic bottle caps to your wall to hold your toothbrushes, exposing them to toilet spray bacteria and taking up more space than if you tossed them into a drawer with a $.99 brush cover. But WHY?

Scoop / Cuillère à bonbons

Description Care / Entretien Shipping / Livraison These delicate porcelain scoops are modeled after the the classic stainless steel variety we so often s...

water bottles to collect rain water

comment redonner une seconde vie à ses fourchettes :)

Candle heater captures the hearts of funders on Indiegogo

Turn a candle into a powerful heater with the egloo.