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Aphrodite by on @deviantART

it have one of my favorite things as greek mytology and is really funny and have alot of actions

à partir de Behind the black spot

2nde doodle

alea-lefevre: 2nde doodle

Aphrodite's scheme by on @deviantART

Silena Beauregard by on @deviantART

Apollo by on @DeviantArt

What Zia should be drawn as: pretty much this. What Zia IS drawn as: a tan skinned white girl! What the hell is wrong with this fandom?

"The most savage monster of all," aka Cupid, aka Eros "'Is this guy Love or Death?' Jason growled. 'Ask your friends,' Cupid said. 'Frank, Hazel, and Percy met my counterpart, Thanatos. We are not so different. Except Death is sometimes kinder'" (House of Hades).