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Friesian Canter | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Jennifer MacNeill Photography

bay sabino draft horse

The Boulonnais, also known as the "White Marble Horse",[1] is a heavy draft horse breed. It is known for its large but elegant appearance and is usually gray, although chestnut and black are also allowed by the French breed registry. Originally there were several sub-types, but they were crossbred until only one is seen today. The breed's origins trace to a period before the Crusades and, during the 17th century, Spanish Barb, Arabian and Andalusian blood were added to create the modern…

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pursang arabe (paintarabian) les plus beaux

Bashkir Pony


Certainement l'un des animaux les plus beaux et les plus majestueux qu'il soit, le cheval est un symbole de beauté et de puissance.

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