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Les fonctionnaires espagnols à nouveau dans la rue contre les coupes budgétaires

Des centaines de fonctionnaires lors d'une manifestation à Madrid le 28 septembre contre la poursuite du gel de leurs salaires annoncée la veille par le gouvernement, qui entend économiser 39 milliards d'euros en 2013. | REUTERS/ANDREA COMAS

Mexico on the brink: thousands to protest over widespread corruption and student massacre

Mexico on the brink: thousands to protest over widespread corruption and student massacre Violence and breakdown of law and order threaten to destabilise Mexico after mass murder of students and scandal over presidential home. Nov. 2014.

6 Surprising Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

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Iraq conflict: IS 'trafficking Yazidi women for sex'

More than 3,000 Yazidi women and children have been captured by Islamic State militants and are reportedly being trafficked for sex. One young woman who escaped told BBC News she saw girls as young as nine being sold. The Yazidis are asking for support to bring back their girls and have drawn up lists of those they're searching for. "They took all our girls. It's all we care about. The world must help us," said one woman whose two daughters are missing.

Revealed: How George W. Bush was given SEVEN warnings about threat from Bin Laden in months before 9/11

Anger: The White House continually failed to take any significant action against briefings warning of Al Qaeda - leading to huge frustrations within the CIA. People are pictured walking away from the World Trade Center following the attacks

Not the oignon: fury as France changes 2,000 spellings and drops some accents

#JeSuisCirconflexe campaigners fight back against decision by the Académie Française to ‘fix anomalies’ – although decision was originally made in 1990

I'll Stop Citing a Boyfriend When My Consent Starts Mattering: "It disgusts me to my core that I have to use my partner as a shield against men who can’t take no for an answer. It upsets me that those men don’t respect my consent, my agency, and my ownership of my body. It infuriates me that my word is not taken seriously. Every time I use such an excuse, I’m angry. Unfortunately, in the end, my anger is safer for me than some man’s."

Expressing Anger A young, thirsty lion and an equally thirsty cougar arrived at their usual watering hole at the same time. Immediately, they began arguing about who should drink first. Their argument quickly escalated into rage, and the animals started clawing at one another. However, the fight was interrupted when the lion and cougar caught sight of vultures circling overhead, waiting for the loser to fall. The thought of being eaten was enough for the lion and cougar to end their fight…

LOOK: The Heart-Wrenching Images Of 9/11 That We'll Never Forget

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