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antique victorian trinket boxes | Beautiful Antique Victorian era trinket box. Satin glass box ...

19th Century Papier Mache Box (c. 1840 England)

Antique Victorian or Edwardian Hand Painted Porcelain Ring or Trinket Box

En Porcelaine En,Porcelaine En Argent,Matières Etc,Autres Matières,Musique De Bijoux,Bijoux Bijou,Porcelaine Bijou,Porcelaine Antique,Porcelaine Peinte

Vanity Box From Miladys Boudoir - Antique Victorian Pastoral Scene With Diamond Mirror

Matières Etc,Autres Matières,Contenant,Porcelaine,Antique Victorienne,Miladys Boudoir,Boudoir 1 Vanity,Boudoir Antique,Victorian Pastoral

Victorian Era Bohemian Cobalt Blue Glass Enameled Hinged Patch or Trinket Box

Antique Victorian Brass and Amethyst Glass Pill Box, Trinket Box

Matières Etc,Autres Matières,Porcelaine,Pillule Verre,Boîtes Bijou,Antique Victorienne,Boîtes À Pilules,Marvin,Flanc De Coteau

Trinket Box, Serves

Antique French Enamel Jewelry Box with Jeweled Beading - Cobalt Blue

Matières Etc,Autres Matières,Francais,Porcelaine,Boîtes Antiques Cas,Boîtes À Pilules Antique,Boîtes À Bijoux Antiques,Boîtes Décoratives,Émail Bijoux

Antique Bohemian Moser cranberry glass hinged Box white lace decor

Beautiful antique Bohemian Moser trinket box of cranberry glass embellished with white enamel design, reminiscent delicate lace.

Red Victorian Toile Vanity Trinket Jewelry Box