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Josef Grohé (1902-1987) deputy Gau leader of the Rheinland Gau (1925-1931), Gau leader of the Colgne-Aachen Gau (1931-1945) Prussian Privvy Councillor (1933-1945).

So exhausted were the men of the 6th Parachute Regiment after fighting the Americans in Operation Cobra one unit commander, von der Heydte, brought his Parachute Regiment into a concealed bivouac and there, hidden from Americans and Germans alike, permitted his men to sleep for twenty-four hours before reporting his location to higher headquarters. In one instance 100 German paratroopers walked into a command post of an armored division and surrendered

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Berlin, 1945

Jewish little girl from Prague, Eva Nemova, born in 1937. Picture made in a studio before deportation to Terezin in November 1941. Eva died in Terezin or Auschwitz.

Victory day Paris 1945

Hugo Boss started his clothing company in 1924 in Metzingen. His company was supplier for Nazi uniforms since 1924. Hugo Boss was one of the firms contracted by the Nazis to design the black SS uniforms along with the brown SA shirts, and the Hitler Youth uniforms.

Victory in Europe 1945 - London