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For the Love of Art: 6th Grade chalk and oil pastels Van Gogh

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leaves - craft

leaves - craft

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Kindergarten portraits (fall) I just LOVE the way brand new kinders draw themselves!

Have students choose a landscape to paint in the style of Van Gogh. Block out the main shapes. Demonstrate how to create tints/shades (double dip) as well as painting using brushstroke marks.

Great project ideas

Kandinsky inspired art for kids. Step by step. Sharpie, oil pastel &…

Cool/Warm art project - I made these with my grade 4/5 students last year. We did not use a photocopy but the rulers width or compass. The nicest and most difficult ones were the students who made lines that intercepted or more than one circle pattern on a page. They looked Fab when done!

Draw The Line At: Line Landscapes-- goood one day project, covers warm/cool; line; perspective