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The first ASPBs (Assault Support Patrol Boats) destined to the Mobile Riverine Force arrive at Vung Tau.

Forward 50's on a river patrol boat ~ Vietnam War

Vietnam River Patrol Boats | Patrol_Boat_Rigid_MarkII.jpg

Dough Van Phouc, U.S. helicopters drop-off in the Mekong Delta, Saigon, South Vietnam August 1967

Near the Laotian Border, South Vietnam: They've made their way to their Laotian border position and now it's time for members of A Troop, 1st Cav., 23rd Infantry Divison to wait for their orders, here Feb 4th. Sp.4 Ruckie D. Bostic of New Castle, VA., spends some of his time on a cigarette break comforting his two tired pups as he rests against the treads of one of his outfit's armored vehicles.

USS St. Louis after torpedoed in Battle of Kolombangara, July 1943

Aussie SAS (Special Forces) in Vietnam. - Vietnam War

U-103 (Type IXB) securing the cannon for diving.

The USS Laffey, got its nickname as "The Ship That Would Not Die" when it was on picket duty off Okinawa in March 1945. About 50 Japanese planes attacked and about half got through to the Laffey. The ship suffered 103 casualties when it was hit by four bombs and five kamikaze planes. The Laffey is also the only surviving American World War II destroyer that saw action in the Atlantic, where it was part of the D-Day invasion