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The Horse Soldiers (1959)

Directed by John Ford. With John Wayne, William Holden, Constance Towers, Judson Pratt. A Union Cavalry outfit is sent behind confederate lines in strength to destroy a rail/supply centre. Along with them is sent a doctor who causes instant antipathy between him and the commander. The secret plan for the mission is overheard by a southern belle who must be taken along to assure her silence. The Union officers each have different reasons for wanting to be on the mission.

Once Upon a Time in the West - Mainger | MOVIE POSTERS

THE MAVERICK QUEEN - Barbara Stanwyck - Barry Sullivan - Scott Brady - Mary Murphy - Republic Pictures.

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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)

Directed by John Ford. With John Wayne, Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson. Captain Nathan Brittles, on the eve of retirement, takes out a last patrol to stop an impending massive Indian attack. Encumbered by women who must be evacuated, Brittles finds his mission imperiled.

Once Upon a Time in the West