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Explorez Breslau 1945, Soldats Feu et plus encore !

Breslau, 1945: Red Army troops fire the semi-automatic Simonov 41 anti-tank/anti-material rifle at targets across the street. The 41 was used heavily on the Eastern Front and saw action post-war in Korea and other parts of the world. The 41 had devastating terminal ballistics and was an authoritative presence in the hands of trained personnel.

By late 1944 the Red Army had repelled the Germans from Soviet soil. The Soviets took the offensive, driving the Germans across Poland in a final push toward Berlin and German surrender, a goal they attained within six months. The crossing of the Oder, the major river on the way to Berlin, was as symbolic as the American photo of U.S. soldiers planting the flag on Iwo Jima.

Libérateurs en terrasse en aout 1944

The Battle of Königsberg, also known as the Königsberg Offensive, was one of the last operations of the East Prussian Offensive during World War II. In four days of violent urban warfare, Soviet forces of the 1st Baltic Front and the 3rd Belorussian Front captured the city of Königsberg – now Kaliningrad, Russia. The siege started in late Jan 1945 when the Soviets initially surrounded the city.

William Allen White Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies: Avoid the Brand - Aid Britain.

19-25 août 1944 - Libération de Paris et 2ème Division blindée française.

Soviet Army Sgt. Fyodor Konoplyov and his crew fire a DShK anti-aircraft gun at strafing German Luftwaffe bombers during the Siege of Leningrad. Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia, Soviet Union. 9 October 1942. Photograph by Anatoliy Garanin. ez egy igazán kifinomult fegyver, szinte már műszer!

à partir de The Atlantic

World War II: Operation Barbarossa

Two Russian soldiers, now prisoners of war, inspect a giant statue of Lenin, somewhere in Russia, torn from its pedestal and smashed by the Germans in their advance, on August 9, 1941. Note the rope round the neck of the statue, left there in symbolic fashion by the Germans.