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Adolf Hitler visits Paris for a few hours on June 30, 1940. His escort include Albert Speer (right behind Hitler) and Nazi party chief Martin Bormann (to Hitler's left). The SS officer at the far right of the photo, presenting profile to the camera, is Himmler's chief-of-staff and SS Liaison Officer with Hitler, Karl Wolff.

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Eva Braun At The Berghof

Eva Braun (1912-1945) future wife of Adolf Hitler posed at the Berghof in Obersalzberg, Germany circa 1940. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Bf 109 Wreck | BF 109E-3 Eduard 1:48 Karl Wolff 3./JG52

Former German SS Generals Paul Hausser (left) and Kurt Meyer ("Panzer Meyer") chat during a two-day reunion of SS members in Karlsburg, Germany in July 1957. Meyer, who was imprisoned after the war for his involvement in the 1944 execution of about 20 Canadian prisoners of war in France, was courted by German politicians seeking his support, including Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

WW II - Neville Chamberlain (England's Prime Minister) with Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain was replaced by Winston Churchhill.

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Encounter at Berchtesgarten ( 1938 )

Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler visits Salzburg, Austria and inspects local SS volunteers who haven't worn the uniform yet. On Himmler's left is SS Gruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, his chief of staff. Austria, as a purely "Germanic" country was considered a prime source for SS manpower.

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Images du Samudaripen, le génocide Rom dans l’Europe fasciste

Romani children in Auschwitz, selected for medical experiments.

SS-Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant colonel) Erich Kempka (16 September 1910 – 24 January 1975) served as Adolf Hitler's chauffeur from 1934 to April, 1945. He was SS member #2,803 and served in the Allgemeine SS.

Two German Nazi Party SA men putting up an election poster featuring Adolf Hitler, Mecklenburg, Germany, summer 1932

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We the unwilling Vietnam veteran Lighter

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