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1941, Balkans, Un "SS-Unterscharführer" de la Feldgendarmerie examine un fusil russe SVT-40 saisi à un partisan |

Refugees cross a destroyed bridge during the Korean War, October 1950.

Litzmannstadt ghetto in Poland (1941)

From Mongolia with love: Red Army soldier from the farthest steppes of the Soviet Union poses triumphant in the devastated streets of Berlin, May 1945.

Mitrailleuse MG-34 en batterie (son bipied a été conservé), les hommes s'affairent sur ce StuG IV dont les jupes blindées sont manquantes.

female soldier of the Polish resistance "Home Army" (Armia Krajowa) 2WW The Armia Krajowa, or Home Army, was the dominant Polish resistance movement in World War II German-occupied Poland. The AK's primary resistance operations were the sabotage of German activities, including transports headed for the Eastern Front in the Soviet Union. The AK also fought several full-scale battles against the Germans, particularly in 1943 and 1944.

DMP-F94 FEMALE RUSSIAN SNIPERS WWII Russian women training for the sniping job. The girll with the rifle is not using uniform, so she probably was a partisan. WWII

Frozen Hell, Russia winter 1941