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Vietnamese prisoners, held in bamboo restraints stand before their French guard and other Vietnamese onlookers in 1902. [Getty images 557535...

June 6-13, 1967 7 RAR conduct combined Operation BROKEN HILL with US and SVN Forces in Phuoc Tuy Province

LARRY BURROWS .... Photographer KIA 1971 over Laos

Vietnam war | File:M113 Jungle Convoy Vietnam War.jpg - Wikimedia Commons I think these soldiers in the tank are on pratrol looking for Vietnamese and trying not to get killed by the booby traps. I wonder if they will find anything?

US soldier, Battle of Dak To, Hill 875, South Vietnam, November 1967

Bataille de Diên Biên Phu, 13 – 17 mars 1954. – ECPAD

vietnam war photos | war in vietnam war in vietnam the shadow of the

An Australian soldier about to check a Vietcong tunnel during Operation Crimp