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Okay, guys. I thought I should come out right now. I'm a panromantic (Doesn't mean I'm attracted to cooking utensils, but rather people of every gender, such as male, female, non-binary, genderfluid, transgender, transsexual, and more). I'm also genderfluid, which is defined as in the picture. Thought you should know.


i don't understand what i did to have my two best friends cut me out of their life but god.. it hurts so much

Non-binary or Genderqueer identities

Le cabinet JNS Staffing est signataire de la charte de la diversité en entreprise.

I hate this so much! <<< ANGer like This iS NOt okAy THiS iSnT RigHt!

I believe this picture is relevant to the recent attack on Paris. Many people blame the Muslims for the attack when there is no proof that the terrorists are Muslim. Anyone can be a terrorist; Caucasian, African American, Christian, Catholic. It does not matter. A terrorist can be anyone.

Its Amazing How Many People Don't Understand What Pansexual is...

Ce que c'est le féminisme VS ce que la société pense qu'est le féminisme.

girl boy both gender nb nonbinary Non-Binary gender fluid neither non binary non - binary